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30 Days Free Return

Molten V5M5000 Volleyball Professional Standard Size 5 PU Soft Beach


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• Professional Standard Size :The ball is designed to meet professional standards, ensuring that it's the perfect size for competitive play.

• 5 PU Soft Beach Ball :The ball is made with 5 layers of PU material, making it soft and durable for long-lasting use.

• Suitable for Adult and Teenager Competition Training :This ball is perfect for training and competition at the adult and teenage level, providing a high-quality playing experience.

• Indoor Compitition Ball :This ball is specifically designed for indoor competition, ensuring that it provides the best performance in this environment.

Model: V5M5000

Applicable place: General

Material: Pu + rubberliner

Soft and suitable for students.


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1. Pay attention to the quantity and intensity of exercise

2. Warm up and run a few laps around the volleyball court, juggling, running horizontally, and quickly turning around to run.

3. Pay attention to collective tactics, including offensive and defensive tactics.